Terms of Services

This is the main Terms of Services for all services provided by Yesil Club. Using a service hosted by Yesil Club means you accept our Terms of Services, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy. If some service has additional terms, they will be listed in that service’s Terms of Services page. We

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Terms of Services

1. Who can use our services?

Any person who is at least 16 years of age can use Yesil Club’s services. Any person who is younger than 16 is considered a minor and may be allowed to use Services if minor’s parent or guardian create account(s) on minor’s behalf and monitor them.

2. Service Usage Limits

Resources are scarce. Have in mind that excassive use a service can put too much load on the server and may reduce server’s productivity or ability to host the services. We may introduce limits, such as upload size or invite only registration, in place if we see it necessary.
Don’t waste!

3. Account Termination and Expiration

Yesil Club may delete or suspend an account without notice, if we find it violating our ToS and CoC.

Yesil Club does not expire unused accounts for security reasons, for example to prevent someone else taking expired username to impersonate previous account owner.

4. Data export and migration

If a service supports exporting user data or migrating to another instance (server), it will explain it how to in its documentation. If you need to download your data and if a service doesn’t support it, you may contact the admin.

5. SPAM and Viruses

To avoid getting Yesil Club banned by other servers, we do not allow the use of any of our services to spam others or spread malicious code injected content. Any account caught doing so will be terminated or suspended without notice.

If you are observing spam, scam or similar malicious activity originating from Yesil Club, please inform Murteza Yesil immediately.

6. Ownership and responsibility of content

We only used copyleft content for all the resources used in Yesil Club, however Yesil Club provides services that allow any account owner to upload content with any license. Account owners are responsible with any content they upload or generate using Yesil Club‘s services. To secure our existence, we reserve right to remove any content we believe in violation with our ToS, our CoC or with applicable law.

You may only use a copyrighted material if you own it or can provide evidence that grants you right to use and share that material. Any account caught violating copyright laws will be terminated or suspended without notice and content will be taken down.

If you are copyright owner of a material that is hosted on Yesil Club without enough permission, report that content and contact Murteza Yesil immediately.

We strongly recommend use of copyleft licenses such as Creative Commons. Embrace copyleft licenses and support artists and projects that release their work with them. Uploading and (most of all) publicly sharing copyrighted material on Yesil Club could put Yesil Club in serious legal troubles as well as endanger the existence of all our services, so just don’t do it.

8. Obeying Code of Conduct

All activities and content that don’t obey the rules outlined in our CoC is forbidden.

9. Using Yesil Club services for commercial activity

Yesil Club is providing its services to individuals for their personal needs, not for commercial needs. We see using Yesil Club services for commercial purposes as abuse of service and it will be treated as such.
These commercial purposes include but not limited to are:

  • Reselling our services under same or different name.
  • Growing follower base for an account and selling it for profit.
  • Posting entire content intended to promote a company or a product.

Using Yesil Club services for any other commercial activity will be examined per case and the decision on terminating such accounts will be based upon communication with the account holder and the type of the activities in question.

As for anything else you do, be aware that Yesil Club is not responsible for what you write, nor for the safeguard of your own privacy. We therefore invite you to make the most of all the existing tools to defend your rights.
To learn more about how your information is being stored and used, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

11. Laws

Yesil Club services are hosted in the USA and therefore subject to US laws and jurisdiction.

12. No Warranty

You understand and agree that Yesil Club provides you primarily with internet-based services. Therefore, services are offered as is, subject to availability and without liability to you. As much as we would not like to let any of our users down, we just can not give any warranty as to the reliability, accessibility, or quality of our services.
You agree that the use of our services is at your sole and exclusive risk.

This article was updated on January 24, 2023