Frequently Asked Questions

Someone gained access to my account and I cannot reset my password. What should I do ?

First thing first, keep calm. Inform one or two of your family members and friends you can trust about the incident. They might be under less stress than you are and can help with clear mind. Solving problems while panicking is difficult.

Head over to Contact page and email the admin or moderator closest to your time zone. If cyber criminal is currently online and spreading misinformation about you, give us a call instead. We will try to respond promptly, but this may not always be possible.

Identity theft is a serious crime. You may want to get police involved if things are escalating fast. Consult your family member and friend if not sure about this.

How to report malicious activity (spam, scam etc) originating from Yesil Club ?

Please inform Murteza Yesil about the activity immediately.

How long will Yesil Club be around?

Unfortunately many passion projects and volunteer powered communities disappeared in the past. This fact makes people sceptical about the longevity of young communities.

Short answer is: We are not planning to shut down, ever.

Here is the long answer by our main admin, Murteza: I started Yesil Club out of my family's and my personal needs, long before I made it available to public. I will continue to need and use these services even if nobody else use them. Unless some catastrophe strike, it is very unlikely that I will close the entire Yesil Club. If Yesil Club gains some traction and grow, its financial weight will grow too. If it gets too large for me to handle alone, I may ask for others' financial support rather than shutting the services down.

How is Yesil Club funded?

Our main admin Murteza Yesil covers all the expenses for now.

If need for external financial support appear, we will announce donation and support channels. We will also share reports of how the incoming money is spent when we start accepting money.

Will I be notified of any changes to ToS or Privacy Policy?

Updates to Terms of Services, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy will be announced via below communication channels:

This article was updated on January 24, 2023