Privacy Policy

We believe best way to ensure the safety of personal data is to not have it. Therefore we strave to collect as little data as possible to provide services. Therefore, if we have data about you, it is very likely because you provided that data. For us to store as little data about you as possible, please think twice about the thing you are about to share.

We provide online services many of which make the data publicly viewable.

Definitions used on this Privacy Statement

  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, EU 2016/679 [EN]
  • Data: According to the GDPR, data is any information that can be used to identify a person, either directly (real name, phone number, IP address, etc.) or indirectly (any combination of the aforementioned plus device fingerprints, cookies, etc.). In the specific context of the use of our platform, it is the minimum information required for the proper operation of the services provided by Yesil Club as well as the information the user optionally submits on any of them.
  • Services: the set of different softwares, protocols and standards used to exchange data between web applications.
  • User or you: any person or third party that access and uses the services provided by Yesil Club.
  • Yesil Club,, we or us: Yesil Club
  • Federated services: services that operate on the basis of so-called federation protocols which enable users who signed up at different services providers to interact with each other. Examples of these services are Writefreely and XMPP.

The Data covered by this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all services hosted on and its sub-domains. It does not extend to any websites or web services that can be accessed from our platform including, but not limited to, any federated services and social media websites outside Yesil Club. Federated services are those that interoperate with each other (exchanging information and services) regardless of the provider (e.g. mail or open social networks). These services use protocols that necessarily share or transfer data between different providers and therefore such interactions are outside the scope of this Privacy Statement.

1. What data do we collect?

If a user chooses to use any of the services provided by us, the following data may be required and therefore collected by Yesil CLub:

  • A valid email address: required for account creation and for password reset process.
  • A username and a password: required to identify the account holder and provide the services offered by Yesil Club.
  • Necessary information related to the operation and functioning of the services which may include, for example, IP address, User Agent, etc. More detailed information about this and how we handle it can be found in the Privacy notices per service.
  • Any additional information that the user chooses to supply while using the services provided by us (whether it is chats, posts, emails, etc.). This additional information is optional and with the user’s consent.

(For more detailed information, please refer to the Privacy notices per service section below)

1.1. What do we do with your data?

  • Our processing of your information is limited to providing the service.
  • We may enable storing of logs of your activity for a short period if we see it necessary to diagnose software issues and monitor health of our services.

(Detailed information on Privacy notices per service section)

1.2. How do we store your data?

To protect your data we use the following security measures:

  • We provide and require SSL/TLS encryption on all “user-to-server” and “server-to-server” communications on all provided services.
  • We utilize “end-to-end” and/or “server-side” encryption technologies whenever it is made available by services that allow it to provide maximum security for the users.

What we do not do with your data

  • We do not collect any other data than what is needed to provide you the service.
  • We do not, in any way, process, analyze your behavior or personal characteristics to create profiles about you or your usage of the services. We have no advertisements or business relationships with advertisers.
  • We do not sell your data to any third party.
  • We do not share your data to any third party unless in case of federated services which requires certain data to be shared in order to operate (e.g. other ActivityPub powered social media sites need to know your handle to know who published the blog post).
  • We do not require any additional information that is not crucial for the operation of the service (we do not ask for phone numbers, private personal data, home address).
  • We do not read/look nor process your personal data, emails, files, etc., stored on our servers unless needed for providing the service, troubleshooting purposes or under suspicion of breaking our Terms Of Services in which case we ask for prior permission from you or inform you afterwards of all actions taken against the account in the transparency report addressed to account holder.

3. Where the data is stored?

Each service that require storing data either utilizes its local storage device or external storage service such B2 or S3 bucket. See where each service stores data on Privacy notices per service section.

We may store encrypted copy of databases and media uploaded to our services for backup purposes. This backup will only be used to restore the service if it was ever interupted or crashed catastrophically.

4. Privacy notices per service

4.1 Writefreely -

  • This service requires login with username and password.
  • No log data (IP address, session cookie, etc.) is stored on the server.
  • Logs may be enabled occasionally in case of troubleshooting. Logs are then enabled for the duration of problem assessment and are purged immediately after.
  • All your posts are stored unencrypted since this is a blog hosting service and expected to be publicly readable.
  • All data stored on the same server hosting the service.
  • Server is located in Hillsboro, OR datacentre by Hetzner.

4.2 Jitsi Video Conference

  • This service only requires moderators (conference hosts) to have a username and password. No other participant in a video call need an account.
  • No log data (IP address, session cookie, etc.) is stored on the server after a video conference ends.
  • We do not enable or plan to support recording or live streaming to elsewhere functionality. If a host or a participant wants to record the meeting, they will need an external software to do so.
  • This services only stores usernames and hashed passwords for hosts. Not other user data is stored.
  • Server is located in Hillsboro, OR datacentre by Hetzner.

4.3 XMPP

  • This service requires username and password.
  • Server stores few information such as IP address of each signed in client device.
  • Your XMPP contacts list is stored on the database until account is deleted.
  • Messages posted on public channels are not encrypted.
  • Messages and attachments will stay in the server until either 7 days retention period is over or all recipients receive the message before retention period. No message or attachment other than ones in public channels stay on the server for longer than 7 days.
  • We support end-to-end encryption via OMEMO (based on Signal’s encryption) and OpenPGP.
  • Server is located in Ashburn, VA datacentre by Hetzner.

4.4 PeerTube -

  • This service requires username, password and email for uploading content or starting livestream. Viewing content requires no account unless privacy setting of the video disallow that.
  • We utilize peer-to-peer technology to reduce bandwidth load and cost. This requires us to store and even share your public IP with other users who are viewing the same video as long as the video player is loaded. We strongly recommend using a trusted VPN provider to mask your device’s public IP.
  • User profile, video channel and interaction data (such as channel follows, video comments and likes) are stored on the server.
  • Server is located in Ashburn, VA datacentre by Hetzner.
  • All uploaded media content (video, audio etc) is stored in B2 block storage bucket provided by Backblaze which has datacenters in Sacramento, CA and Phoenix, AZ.

5. Your rights

Under the GDPR you have a number of rights with regard to your personal data:

  • Right to access - The right to request (I) copies of your personal Data or (II) access to the information you submited and we hold at any time.
  • Right to correct - The right to have your Data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete.*
  • Right to erase - The right to request delete or remove your Data from our servers.
  • Right to restrict the use of your Data - The right to restrict processing or limit the way we use your Data.
  • Right to Data portability - The right to move, copy or transfer your Data.
  • Right to object - The right to object to our use of your Data.

You have the right to lodge a complain, make enquires, excercise any of the rights described above or withdraw your consent to the processing of your Data (where consent is our legal basis for processing your Data), by contacting us via email:

For the purposes of the GDPR, Yesil Club is the “data controller“. This means that Yesil Club determines the purposes for which and the manner which your data is processed.

5.1 Access to your information

We don’t have a central data storage where we store data for each and every service. Each service store its users’ data on its own storage mentioned on Privacy notices per service section. And each service offer a different way to export data. This separation may cause inconvenience for the user, but also isolates all services and their data if any service was to be hacked and leak user data.

You have right to download your data for archival or transfer to another compatible service outside Yesil Club.

6. Changes on this Privacy Statement

Any and all changes to this Privacy Policy will be publicly available and communicated to all users via our social networks and blog post. We recommend that you regularly check for any changes on this Statement.

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This article was updated on January 24, 2023