Hello, my name is Murteza Yesil and I am the main admin of Yesil Club. Yesil Club is a collection of online services I decided to host primarily for my family and relatives.

Idea came around the time WannaCry ransomware attack was the dinner topic. Yesil Club grew as I saw need for certain online services. I tried to host everything that seemed necessary to me without worrying about the adoption by my family members. In worst case scenario, the entire thing would be a learning experience đź« 

Few of those services are open to public registration and free to use. As many people as the servers can handle are welcome as long as those people have common sense, you know the drill. You stay away from racism, hate-speech, doxxing (disclosing someone else’s private or personally identifiable information without their consent), spreading misinformation and disinformation, not safe for work, goresome and few other socially unacceptable behaviours, we are good. Also, don’t over load the servers please.


Yesil Club offers may services, but this site is only about services open to public registration.

  1. Bloging


As of 2022, I pay for the services. There aren’t many services and users. So cost of everything is close to 5 USD/month. Yeap, that is 2 cups of coffee every month.

Who am I ?

My name is Murteza Yesil and I am the admin of servers powering Yesil Club. Linux and networking has been my interest, but I didn’t have much opportunity to do anything with either of them. Yesil Club is my excuse to tinker and learn in both of these areas. Admin of Yesil Club is definitely going into my CV.


Currently I am paying for the servers and storage. If you are earning money by using the services I offer here, I would be gald if you could help with 5% of your income I helped you to generate. I don’t think this is a big ask given corporations like Apple and Google are taking between 15% and 30% cut for the transactions on their platforms.

If you do decide to support Yesil Club financially, do not push yourself to send certain amount of your income after every transaction you receive. You can do that

This article was updated on January 1, 2023