Federated video sharing platform

Freedom Peertube provides for both the publishers and the viewers is what sets it apart. There are no malicious trackers following your every step or advertisers cotrolling the platform. Instead Yesil Club’s Peertube server focuses on educational and comedic contents to provide a fun place to learn. Vlogs are okay too.

Publisher Registration

We evaluate each and every registration and require those who want to publish on our Peertube server to submit a request email to main admin.

Every publisher is initially limited to 5GB video storage at first. We do this to prevent malicious actors and trolls overloading the server.

Viewer Registration

Our Peertube server is a federated instance with no paywal to view any content. You don’t need an account on our PeerTube server to watch a video. To interact with (like/dislike, comment or boost) a video however, you need a Fediverse account on either Mastodon, Pleroma, MissKey or another PeerTube server.

Allowed contents

Any content respecting our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct is welcome.

To be able to moderate the content and preserve a healthy environemnt for all viewers, we request you to only upload content that is in a language we can moderate. We have moderators who understand English and Turkish languages.

This article was updated on January 30, 2023